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ISSE Textile Snow Chains NZ

Textile Snow Chains

Textile Snow Chains

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Easy to fit

can be fitted in under two minutes

Easy to store and transport

between 1.6kg and 2.4kg (depending on size). Bag dimensions: 9cm x 24cm x 40cm

Reusable and washable

Compatible with all active vehicle safety systems including traction control, stability control and ABS braking

✓ No damage to vehicle or tyres

✓ No vibrations or knocking characteristics of metal chains

✓ 6 sizes covering all vehicle tyres from a mini to a large SUV

✓ Up to four times more durable than any other similar snow / auto sock products - expect an excess of 1,000 kilometres

✓ Perfect for any vehicle, including those with is limited clearance

✓ Sold as a pair - two separate Textile Snow Chains per sale, one for each side of the vehicle

✓ NZTA approved as a temporary gripping device for NZ roads (equivalent to metal snow chains)

✓ Manufactured, tested and certified in Europe.

The patented formula of the ISSE Tribologic Textile Snow Chains is the most durable snow sock for cars, Vans, SUV's, 4WD's and Motorhomes. Designed for regular use on sealed roads where snow and ice is patchy or present, they allow equivalent grip and comparable durability to conventional metal snow chains.With numerous international approvals, ISSE Tribologic Textile Snow Chains are used in many countries around the world including France, Portugal, Andorra, Canada, United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and China.

NZTA approved as a temporary gripping device for NZ roads (equivalent to metal snow chains) Can be fitted within 2 minutes Maximum speed - 40 km/h