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1. How long will the Textile Snow Chains last?
If used within the manufacturer's recommended parameters, Textile Snow Chains can last as long as an average metal snow chain, so you should expect several seasons out of them for a domestic user or in excess of 1,000 kilometres. However, like metal snow chains this can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle, as it can depend upon several factors like:

  • Your driving style – fast acceleration and deceleration will increase wear
  • Road surface – large sections of road without snow and ice can increase wear
  • Speed – maximum 30 to 40 km/hr, higher speeds will increase wear
  • Use on gravel and metal roads or off road where snow and ice is present will risk greater wear with sharp rocks potentially holing the fabric

2. How many Textile Snow chains are in a bag?
A: Each bag consists of two separate Textile Snow Chains to create a pair, one for each side of your vehicle. If you wish to fit Textile Snow Chains to all four tyres, you will need to purchase two sets

3. How long does it take to fit Textile Snow Chains?
A: Textile Snow Chains can easy be fitted within two minutes

4. How easy is it to fit Textile Snow Chains?
A: No experience is required; anyone can fit Textile Snow Chains – see our demonstration

5. What tyres should I fit my Textile Snow Chains too?
A: Textile Snow Chains should be fitted to the driving wheels for two-wheel drive vehicles. For all wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles, they should be fitted to the front tyres unless your vehicle has specific recommendations

6. Why should Textile Snow Chains be used on sealed roads only?
A: Sharp alpine schist and other rocks from gravel and metal roads or off road where snow and ice is present will risk greater wear and potential holing the fabric

7. Are they safe to use?
A: Yes, ISSE Textile Snow Chains have various international certifications and approvals , and have been well trialled and tested throughout the world. They are recognised by the NZTA as a temporary gripping device – the same as metal chains for use on New Zealand roads

8. When should Textile Snow Chains be fitted?
A: When you encounter snow and ice on sealed roads or when a roading authority mandates that chains are required to be fitted

9. Can I drive on sections of roads where without snow and ice?
A: Designed to be used on sealed roads only where snow and ice is present or patchy. They should be removed for large sections of sealed road without snow and ice to prevent unnecessary wear

10. What are the benefits of Textile Snow Chains?

✓ Fast and easy to fit – can be fitted in under two minutes (easier and faster than metal chains)
✓ No damage to vehicle, tyres or suspension
✓ No vibrations, knocking or rust characteristics of metal chains
✓ Easy to store and transport – between 1.6kg and 2.4kg (depending on size)
6 sizes covering all vehicle tyres from a mini to a large SUV
✓ Reusable and washable
 NZTA approved as a temporary gripping device for NZ road (equivalent to metal snow chains)
Can be fitted to most vehicles with lower tyre clearance which cannot fit metal chains
Compatible with all active vehicle safety systems including traction control, stability control and ABS braking
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11. What is the FREE shipping criteria and time?
A: We ship in compostable bag within New Zealand FREE of charge to physical addresses that accept courier deliveries, so no Post Office (PO) boxes sorry. We use tracked courier to ensure your order gets to you and isn’t lost or stolen. Expect 1 to 3 business days from when you have placed your order. If you need your order in less than 3 business days, contact us once you've placed your order and we’ll do what we can do get it to you as soon as possible.

12. What other terms are Textile Snow Chains referred to as?
A: Other terms use include: snow socks, car socks, tyre socks, auto socks, tyre grips