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ISSE Textile Snow Chains NZ

Textile Shoe & Boot Grips

Textile Shoe & Boot Grips

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For grip when walking on snow and ice!

ISSE Shoe Grips are made from the patented formula of the ISSE Tribologic Textile Snow Chains and using the same principle for grip, ISSE Shoe Grips are an amazing and easy to fit product for grip when walking on snow, ice and frosty conditions. A heavy-duty elastic keeps them well attached to you footwear.
Fast and easy to fit – can be fitted in seconds
Fits any shoe or boot (excluding high heels!)
Ideal for walking around ski-field facilities, car-parks, buildings, driveways, footpaths, roads etc
Perfect for walking inside and outside without damage to floor surfaces
Easy to store and carry to fit in a pocket. Between 100 grams and 225 grams depending on size. Package dimensions: 4.5cm x 13cm x 20cm.
Available in four size with each size covering a large variation of footwear
Re-useable and washable
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