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How they work?
They simply stick to the snow and ice. This sticking effect is created by the fabric absorbing surface moisture forming a suction effect when contacting a relatively drier surface which in turn provides the grip. The same effect can be created by pushing certain fabrics like wool against ice – try it and see what happens! Some parts of the world put specific winter snow tyres on for winter months. Winter snow tyres work on the same principle to create their grip; however, Textile Snow Chains (also known as snow socks) have the benefit of a larger surface area than winter snow tyres.


How to fit Textile Snow Chains?

To be fitted to driving tyres or front tyres if all-wheel or four-wheel drive for use of sealed roads only where snow or ice is present


Why ISSE Safety?
ISSE Textile Snow Chains (also known as snow socks) are technologically superior to any product of the same category on the market and can last up to four times longer. Their advantages are:

Quick and easy to fit – can be fitted in under two minutes (easier and quicker than metal chains)
✓ No damage to vehicle, tyres or suspension
✓ No vibrations, knocking or rust characteristics of metal chains
✓ Easy to store and transport – between 1.6kg and 2.4kg (depending on size)
6 sizes covering all vehicle tyres from a mini to a large SUV
✓ Reusable and washable
✓ NZTA approved as a temporary gripping device for NZ road (equivalent to metal snow chains)
✓ Can be fitted to most vehicles with lower tyre clearance which cannot fit metal chains
✓ Compatible with all active vehicle safety systems including traction control, stability control and ABS braking
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✓ Orders direct from this website have free delivery within New Zealand 


Fabric and the technology
The fabric is 100% high strength polyester with no metal parts. All products are manufactured by ISSE Safety in Europe. That means that ISSE Safety controls the entire manufacturing process from the production of thread to the packaging incorporating the following latest technologies in the market:

✓ TriboTek – Patented braiding design provides additional traction on ice and snow, optimising the result of the physical law of tribology.

✓ High Tenacity System (HTS) – Ultra-resistant fibres, the result of years of research and development, manufactured in Europe and used in oil platforms.
✓ NanoTek – Nanotechnology that deactivates some molecules responsible for the bad smell and the development of bacteria.
✓ HybridTrak – System that combines the tribological effect of grip with the mechanical pull of peaks.
✓ Activ3D – Specific 3D braiding provides greater durability and better grip in deep snow conditions.


Patents and certifications
The ISSE Safety Textile Snow Chains have European patent (1616726) and American patent (9050867 B2). They also hold the TÜV certificate 11.11.2005, Önorm V5121, the French certificate B26, LEITAT Report 219914, as well as the California DOT and Colorado DOT. The New Zealand Transport Agency recognise Textile Snow Chains as a ‘temporary gripping device’ – the same as metal snow chains.


Directions of use and limitations
Like metal snow chains, Textile Snow Chains provide added grip when driving on roads covered in snow and ice. Caution is still required when using any any tyre chains. For optimal safety and to minimise wear of ISSE Textile Snow Chains, the below directions should be followed:

✓ Maximum speed of 30 to 40 kilometres per hour.
✓ Avoid sudden changes in direction and speed – slow acceleration, deceleration (braking) and cornering.
✓ Designed to be used on sealed roads only where snow and ice is present or patchy. Remove for larger sections of sealed road without snow and ice. Use on gravel and metal roads or off road where snow and ice is present will risk greater wear with sharp rocks potentially holing the fabric.
✓ Remove the product if parking in a snow and ice environment overnight or for a long period of time. Leaving them on in such conditions can cause the fabric to stick to the surface, making it difficult or impossible to drive away and ultimately damaging the product.
✓ If the product is wet and then left to freeze, they can become brittle. So, if wet, don’t leave them outside where they can freeze if they need to be used.
✓ Thoroughly rinse and dry out before storing.


About ISSE Safety
ISSE Safety, S.L. is a European company manufacturing Textile Snow Chains for all types of vehicle tyres including cars, vans, 4WDs, as well as industrial vehicles like trucks, buses, coaches and machinery.

ISSE Safety Textile Snow Chains are used around the world including France, Portugal, Andorra, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and China. Some of the main clients are Norauto, El Corte Inglés, Goodyear, among others.

ISSE Safety, was founded in 2003, and comes from an extensive textile tradition. Its foundations were built by the third generation of a family company in this sector.
One day they began to look at the wheelbarrows that came in and out of the factory loading areas. When it rained, the wheels of the wheelbarrows were getting wet and when entering the factory, the water mixed with the textile fibres. This caused the vehicles to slip. For this reason, for more than 30 years ISSE Safety have covered truck wheels with cloth sleeves. From here came the idea and the prototypes developed which worked well. They studied the subject and perfected the product until it came with the composition of high tenacity yarns which work today.


The New Zealand story
In 2015, research was undertaken to find a fast and easy fitting alternative to metal snow chains which needed to have the equivalent grip and comparable durability. Different products were considered, but the result was the ISSE Textile Snow Chains which met the initial requirements! Testing then took place on the Bruce Road, the access road to Whakapapa Ski area on Mt Ruapehu. Being absolutely impressed with their capability and durability, a request was submitted to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to have them recognised as a temporary gripping device – the same as metal snow chains for use on New Zealand roads, this was achieved!

During the 2016 ski season, the decision was made to test the public interest by putting them on sale at the Whakapapa Holiday Park and the Whakapapa Visitor Information Centre. The results were phenomenal with all the available stock selling out.

During 2017 and 2018, the orders were increased, and additional retailers around Mt Ruapehu had them available.

In 2019, it was decided to expand the product nationally, which involved establishing Textile Snow Chains Limited trading as ISSE Textile Snow Chains NZ and the launch of this website which is based at Waikanae Beach, Kapiti Coast, Wellington. Now with seven seasons of public use on New Zealand roads with incredible performance and demand, they are sold at shops in Queenstown, Ohakune, National Park and Turangi.